About REAL

​REAL: Research in Education, Assessment, and Learning

ISSN: 1947-5497http://realjournal.org/

REAL is a peer reviewed open access journal. It publishes original papers on research in education, assessment, and learning. Specific areas include but are not limited to:

REAL encourages reports of both quantitative and qualitative studies on education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM). STEM education is emphasized world wide as the core thrust for a sustainable globalized economy, REAL welcomes contributions from researchers and teachers around the globe. To facilitate the scholarly communications across different cultures, special arrangement will be made so that each paper published in REAL may appear in more than one language. English is required as primary publishing language, and additional translations are optional. When conditions permit, the scientific merits of a paper will be judged based on the native language version in order to ease the communication barriers for non-English natives. Paper copies of combined volumes may be published periodically, which can be purchased by interested parties.

The main goal of REAL is to help fostering an active and healthy international community of researchers, teachers, and learners of all backgrounds interested in education. This guideline represents a working document of the community’s current consensus, which is constantly evolving and shaped by members' contributions.  Therefore, every one of us is an indispensable part of the greater whole. Together we rock!