‚ÄčTechnical Requirements of a Manuscript

  1. The article has not been published, including print and online media.

  2. The authors are responsible for the contents of the article and their legal consequences.

  3. The authors must agree to the publication of the article online and/or on print media by REAL.

The paper submitted to REAL should be in MS Word format. The initial submission should include a complete preprint document including figures, tables, references and appendixes. The file should be in Word or PDF format. The document should use Letter size page, 1" margin on all sides, single line space, single column, 11 points Times New Roman Font for body texts, and 12 points Arial Font for main and sections titles. References and end notes should be listed at the end of the paper before any appendixes in the order as they appear I the text. In the body text, the reference should be in the format of (1, 2-5) put at the end of the referring sentence.  The reference list should appear in a normal size numerical list (not super script).  No foot notes are allowed. 

The research papers should contain but not limited to the following parts: abstract, which gives the reader a quick way to understand the article without looking at the full texts; (I) introduction, which guides the readers into the research scenario of the article; (II) background, which provides necessary information of the literature and existing studies on the research topic; (III) data information, which introduces the details of the research data, including meaningful details; (IV) results, which gives the basic statistical summary of the data; (V) analysis, which provides an in-depth view of the results with connection to the educational background of the research; (VI) summary/conclusion, which summarizes the article, provides readers possible applications and future directions of the research.

The abstract should be 150-300 words (500 max). There is no word limit for the article, but usually should be less than 30 journal pages. Extensive review articles can be in any length as needed. For an empirical study paper, the introduction and review should not exceed 1/3 of the article's length. Depending on the particular type of the article, the structure suggested can be adjusted as necessary.

More details on manuscript writing, submission, and reviewing will be provided online in the near future. If you have questions and or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.