Overview of U.S. Science Teacher Preparation Programs and a Model Research-Guided Program in Ohio

Kathleen Koenig

Physics Department, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio 45435, United States
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Received: 2009-9-26 / Accepted: 2009-11-22 / Published: 2010-1-15

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Abstract Due to the rising importance of a scientifically literate citizenry, the reform of science education in Kindergarten through grade 12 has become a national focus and such reform depends heavily on appropriate teacher preparation. This article provides an overview of teacher preparation in the United States and describes how state requirements differ. This leads to variations in the nature and quality of teacher preparation programs across the country. A model research-guided teacher preparation program in Ohio is presented along with a description of how action research can be employed to assess program weaknesses and drive curricular modifications. Links to various websites and resources are provided regarding specific state teacher licensure requirements as well as links to all U.S. Colleges of Education.

Research Areas: Teacher preparation