A Review of Introductory Physics Laboratories and Hybrid Lab Classrooms Including Difficulties, Goals, and Assessments

Dedra Demaree

Physics Department, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97331, United States
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Received: 2011-10-9 / Accepted: 2011-12-7 / Published: 2011-12-30

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Abstract This paper reviews introductory physics labs and is intended as a broad introduction to laboratory possibilities and considerations. The focus is on laboratory curriculum developed since the advent of computers, in part because this coincides well with the timing of early papers in Physics Education Research. The discussion of labs is broadened to include activity-based learning environments that use physical equipment. A discussion of difficulties associated with labs (both administering them and student learning) is given as well as a discussion of typical goals physical activity-based learning environments address. Finally a discussion of assessments is provided.

Research Areas:  Learning theory