Analyses on Personalized Employment Guidance in Higher Education

Liu Meng

Guilin tourism university, Guilin, Guangxi 541006, China
*Authors to whom correspondence should be addressed.

Received: 2019-10-4 / Accepted: 2020-9-23 / Published: 2020-9-30

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Abstract At present, with the development of entrepreneurship education, higher education draws more attention to students' learning processes and outcomes. Based on a scientific and standardized education system, entrepreneurship education requires higher education to provide students with more targeted, personalized, and flexible guidance to cater to their needs. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out personalized employment services and guidance. This paper aims to discuss how to provide personalized employment guidance and services according to the individual differences of students, and how to make the entrepreneurial education more diverse and get better results.

Research Areas: Concepts & principles, Diversity & inclusion, Epistemology, attitudes, & beliefs

Keywords: Personalized employment guidance, Services, University, Entrepreneurship education