Using Clickers in Physics Lectures with Predominant Minority Students

Pengfei Li , Jonathan Lambright

Department of Engineering Technology and Mathematics, Savannah State University, Savannah, GA 31404, United States
*Authors to whom correspondence should be addressed.

Received: 2012-1-5 / Accepted: 2012-2-29 / Published: 2012-3-30

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Abstract At Savannah State University (SSU), a Historical Black College and University (HBCU), an in-class response system (clicker) was used in an algebra-based physics introductory course to answer multiple-choice questions during lectures. Two types of clicker questions sequences were used to improve students’ interaction in class and help students understand physics concepts: “rapid fire” sequences and “easy-hard-hard”. Attitude survey showed students liked using clickers and felt more engaged in lectures after using them. Voting results showed two different patterns for “rapid fire” series and “easy-hard-hard” series. These results were also compared with voting results by students from the Ohio State University (OSU).

Research Areas: Technology