A Comparison between Public School Teachers and Remedial Class Teachers’ Attitude toward Physics Learning

Yubin Xu , Zixin Xiao , Guangtian Zhu *

East China Normal University; College of Teacher Education, Shanghai, Shanghai 200062, China
*Authors to whom correspondence should be addressed.

Received: 2021-4-28 / Accepted: 2021-9-23 / Published: 2021-10-30

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.37906/real.2021.4

Abstract Many students in east-Asian countries study physics in not only public schools but also remedial classes. We survey 42 school teachers and 41 remedial class teachers with the Colorado Learning Attitudes about Science Survey (CLASS). In this paper, we discuss the CLASS results from the two types of physics teachers. We also demonstrate the possible factors that attribute to the school teachers and remedial class teachers’ significant different attitudes toward problem-solving confidence.

Research Areas: Educational policy, Epistemology, attitudes, & beliefs

Keywords: Physics learning attitudes, School teachers, Teacher training, Remedial class teachers